Lizard in hand


ABS 494 – Urban Wildlife Ecology (Fall 2023)

This course covers issues related to human-wildlife interactions and understanding the connection between human and natural systems. We will learn how wildlife populations have responded to urbanization. We will cover both environmental and social factors important to animal biodiversity. We will learn how to communicate project ideas to a wide audience.

ABS 355 – Vertebrate Ecology and Adaptations (Spring 2024)

This course will examine the identification, systematics, anatomy, life history, and adaptive strategies of the vertebrates.

ABS 473 – Applied Ornithology (Spring 2024)

This course will examine the classification and biology of birds, with an emphasis on North America. Field trips will be included to identify local birds. Prerequisite is ABS 355.

ABS 472 – Applied Herpetology (Fall 2023)

This course will examine the systematics, evolution, and ecology of amphibians and reptiles. Field trips will be included to introduce sampling methodologies and to identify local herpetofauna. Prerequisite is ABS 355. (slide show)

ABS 598 – Wildlife Dynamics (Fall 2021)

This course graduate course focuses on major concepts in population and community ecology with an emphasis on their application to the study and conservation of wildlife. The application component of the course is in the form of workshops put on by the students and myself.